Eco-Friendly 2in1 Thermal Hair Brush with Paddle & Vent Design (Rice Hull)

Sale price$60.00

Discover a seamless blend of functionality and eco-conscious design with the 2in1 Vented Paddle Hair Brush with Thermal Resistant bristles.

Its dual-sided approach ensures versatile hair styling without sacrificing sustainability or durability.

On one side, sustainable boar bristles work to enhance hair smoothness and impart a radiant shine.

On the other, large ball-tipped thermal protected bristles glide through your hair, effortlessly detangling and offering a rejuvenating scalp massage, making styling an almost therapeutic experience.

Features & Benefits:

• 2in1 Design & Versatile Styling: This dual-sided design offers multifaceted functionality, from smoothing to detangling.
• Eco-Conscious Craftsmanship: A handle crafted from compostable materials stands testament to our commitment to sustainability.
• Natural Shine & Smoothness: The sustainable boar bristles effortlessly tame frizz while adding a luminous shine.
• Detangle Effortlessly: Ball-tipped bristles not only detangle but also stimulate the scalp, elevating your hair care routine into a soothing ritual.
• "No-Snag" Design: Say goodbye to painful tugging. The brush is designed for a seamless glide through your locks.