Bamboo XL Detangling Paddle Brush with Boar Bristles

Color: Purple
Sale price$35.00

Elevate your daily hair care routine with the Bamboo XL Detangling Paddle Brush.

Crafted with an emphasis on sustainability and impeccable design, its dual-bristle surface effortlessly detangles while enhancing your hair's natural shine.

Whether you're prepping for a blowout or maintaining extensions, this brush promises to be your hair's new best friend.

Features & Benefits:

• Eco-Elegance: Crafted from sustainably sourced bamboo, the brush exudes a smooth, luxurious feel while being environmentally responsible.
• Dual-Bristle Design: A unique combination of wide surface and premium boar bristles ensures gentle detangling and luminous, healthy hair.
• Tame the Tangles: The extra-wide 3D brush surface is tailored to handle fine or unruly hair with utmost gentleness.
• Natural Boar Bristles: Natural boar bristles work wonders in enhancing the hair's inherent glow, reducing the need for additional products.