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Equinox Foldable Hot Brush w/ Travel Case - Black Mirror


Welcome to the future of hair smoothing with the Tiri Pro Foldable Smoothing Brush.

With its state-of-the-art Tourmaline-infused thermal surfaces, achieve straight, shiny hair faster - but with a gentleness that ensures premium hair health.

Tourmaline technology is a game-changer, using far-infrared heat to heat from the core outwards, improving moisture retention and reducing friction. This means you get salon-quality shine with less heat exposure.

Beyond performance, the Equinox boasts an almost futuristic aesthetic and functional prowess. Its eye-catching chrome embellishments add a touch of luxury, while the foldable design ensures maximum portability.

Packaged with its own elegant travel case, achieve that glossy salon-quality look no matter where your travels take you.

• Efficient Heating: Tourmaline-infused surfaces ensure faster straightening while being gentle on the hair.
• Advanced Technology: Far-infrared heat enhances moisture retention, delivering a shinier finish with reduced friction and heat exposure.
• Custom Tailored Experience: Four temperature options, displayed on easy-to-use LED buttons, cater to every hair type's unique needs.
• NextGen Look & Feel: Space-age design, complemented by chrome embellishments, marries style and function.
• Travel-Friendly: Foldable design coupled with an elegant carry bag ensures you have salon-quality hair, anytime, anywhere.
• Swift Styling: Achieve professional looks in the time it takes to brush your hair.