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Digital Hot Brush Smoothing System with Far Infrared Tech - Boysenberry


The Tiri Smoothing System features a proprietary heating element and ergonomic design that keeps the heat directed where you need it most - on your hair and NOT your fingers! The Hot Smoothing System is uniquely designed with a 3D bristle surface that provides ultra-fast smoothing without tugging or pulling, while remaining gentle on hair. This straightening brush is ideal for all hair types, and perfect for beauty addicts that are new to heat styling and professionals alike.


  • Proprietary Tourmaline-gemstone infused heating element that's extra gentle on all types of hair
  • Digital display allows you to apply the perfect heat setting for unparalleled control
  • Gentle and suitable for ALL hair types
  • 360 degree swivel cord provides a tangle free experience
  • Worldwide voltage for travel styling on-the-go


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sandra Burgman

I bought this off the TV through Steals and Deals, Columbus, Ohio, channel 6, and, when I started using it I just loved it. Unfortunately, after about three months the switch to turn it on/off broke and I wasn't able to use it anymore. Because I bought it through Steals and deals, I had no idea about a warranty or if I could return it. I have ordered a new brush vy a different manufacturer.

Not for my hair type - GREAT quality product!

I received this in a FabFitFun box and while it is very high quality, it is not a smoothing tool I would use on my hair. It would take hours for me to get to a wearable style using this tool. I have to stick to flat irons and curling irons to get my hair styled in a reasonable amount of time. I can't emphasize how great the quality is. It just isn't effective on my hair. I would recommend to anyone with thin/fine hair with more than 30-40 minutes to style your dry hair with this tool.

Best Product and Company , I would buy everyone I know and love one piece from every line they have!

I purchased the for my wife a year ago , she is disabled and with cerebral spinal fluid leak her head hurts and it feels heavy so straightening during worsening moments helps alleviate the weight a lot until her treatments catches up daily to lessen the heaviness , before this she had bought a few items for hair from strangers to blow dryers , she has thick long curly hair and to have it blown dry always cost $100 and the damage and fumes made it hard for her with her disability but upon finding this company and Digital Hot Brush Smoothing System with Far Infrared Tech - Boysenberry everything changed,After waiting a year to pull the trigger it immediately was the best thing I could come across not only does she put out negative ions for her health which is why we have several Himalayan salt lamps to ease her branchio collapse and asthmas , she does not have to use any products other then her shampoo and conditioner from 100% pure which works best to not cause asthma attacks or broncho spams , and a little virgin coconut oil from Costco , the tourmaline helps her hair not get as damaged as conventional hair treatments and releases those helpful negative ions for the hair and easier breathing and hers is usually used several times a week approximating 3-6 times per week [ mostly because she likes to clean up areas close to the face where hair is more sparse but it last for days otherwise in the rest of the hair or as maintenance after baths she will do a quicker run] but since it is 3-6 times a week I have calculated if she needed to go to the salon just 3 times a week it would cost us between $300 + Tip that would be $1200 a month minimum a year of $1440 which many men or women pay more for with other services and products aside from a great blow dry , driving taking time and waiting which when we can afford it affects her health terribly and as wonderful as it is, when you can’t or need an alternative this is the only company I will use, it has replaced her going into a Salon which compromises her health further and saving us money, gas and wait time , there are moments she uses it while she is receiving her treatments and being infused and not worry that the chemicals will be harsh or not accessible. she got a shock proof case and we can take it and use it anywhere including car with adaptor from local store no hassle no problem. And as if that was not enough since we live in a time where most things are disposable it feels like a miracle to have an item who’s quality , customer service and products are not just above standard but they stand by it and it does what says it would , but as if you couldn’t get better 10000000% hassle free , kind , swift service to have a problems fixed because of it has a LIFETIME warrantee , I almost had a heart attack when I finally realized that , its so good I am thinking about getting her a mini for shorter areas but the brush which is what she has in purple has done perfectly but just as a treat .We will never buy or recommend another product, it truly is as wonderful as beautiful and a company that feels good to stand behind and be supported by , during this pandemic and her disabilities etc getting gas can become a hassle TiiriPro is the antithesis . It is not often we come a cross a solid company that doesn’t just do what it said it would but goes above with a lifetime warrantee with a staff [X Rocks and has been the greatest] staff that is so kind and helpful its worth to have two and give one to EVERY person you love and want to make life healthier , safer , easier and less carpel tunnel this is for you!! Thank you TiriPro , there is no company better out there you guys are amazing!