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Foldable Hot Straightening Brush with Travel Pouch


Evolve into the future of haircare with our premiere smoothing system that detangles, protects, and straightens your hair with the innovative power of a single heat-styling tool.

The TIRI PRO EVOLUTION Advanced Foldable Smoothing Brush is engineered with cutting-edge, tourmaline-infused thermal surfaces that get hair straight fast while remaining easy on hair.

Tourmaline technology generates far-infrared heat to do more with less - heating hair from the core outwards and enhancing moisture retention & shine with less friction and overall heat exposure.

Designed with four temperature options shown on user-friendly LED buttons, you can adjust the heat to meet any hair type's specific needs. Our ergonomic, space-age design is as stunning as it is functional, made with chrome eye-candy embellishments and a foldable design that allows you to collapse this device for lightweight, compact storage and sophisticated portability in its elegant carry bag. Finally, the day has come where you can achieve glossy, salon-quality looks in the time it takes to brush your hair.