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Prisma Pro Dryer with Adjustable Airflow Technology - Redshift


The next-generation Prisma Ionic Dryer from Tiripro is expertly crafted with a variety of features for you to experience the pinnacle performance of blow drying. Engineered with adjustable airflow Infinity Flow Technology and an advanced Far Infrared ceramic heater, this blow dryer uniquely allows you to control airflow - for futuristic functionality and effortless styling results. Negative ions generated by the Prisma dryer repair hair during the drying process by quickly breaking down water molecules - this allows hair to dry up to 60% faster than other typical hair dryers! Crushed Tourmaline gemstone elements and Ionic Technology work together in unison to deliver greatly reduced static & frizz, while simultaneously adding body, volume and shine. The impossibly light and exquisitely crafted Prisma dryer is the ultimate innovation in beauty technology and professional performance.

Includes 2-pc Accessories:

  • SnapFit Concentrator Nozzle - Concentrates air flow, allowing precision drying and a more polished finish
  • Diffuser Attachment - Used mainly by users with curly hair to boost curls and minimize frizz

Customer Reviews

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I bought a hairdryer about a year ago to put in my guest bathroom. I have never used it. when I turned it on recently, it didn't work at all. No power. I tried to take it apart to see if there was a loose wire and wasn't able to get it apart. My advise, be sure to register your product so that you will have recourse.
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Harmony Ackerson
best blow dryer

I bought this blow dryer from Marshall's. This blow dryer is the best I've ever used, it dries my hair quickly without drying it out too much (I hope that makes sense!).

Luckily I got this for a discount, but If I had to pay full price for it I totally would, I 100% recommend this dryer to anyone with super thick hair. I also really appreciate how it comes with a nozzle so you can direct the airflow, and I use the diffuser frequently as well.