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1.25" Revolution Flat Iron with Black Tourmaline Gemstones - Radiant Red


Introducing the 3880 Revolution Series Flat Iron – the styling tool that's about to redefine your hair journey!

With every glide, experience the transformative magic of Far Infrared technology & Tourmaline gemstones, which ensures hair isn’t just styled, but resists the common heat-induced damage found with many styling tools.

Premium Black Tourmaline gemstone-infused heating elements distribute consistent and powerful heat, promising the perfect finish, every single time.

 Precision Styling: With 1.25" Dual Ceramic & Tourmaline infused plates, achieve the desired style with utmost precision and care.
• Heat Mastery: Adjustable temperature settings cater to individual hair types and desired outcomes, allowing for tailored styling experiences.
• Advanced Tech: Far infrared technology ensures even and gentle heat distribution, safeguarding hair's natural vitality and health.
• Consistent Performance: Black Tourmaline gemstones guarantee consistent heat with every pass, eliminating hot spots and ensuring optimal styling results.
• Elegant Design: Flaunts a soft-touch finish that offers not just functionality but a luxurious feel in hand.